Summer Citizenship or Reading Class

Citizenship Test Prep or Reading Zoom Class

Summer Reading Class Description
One week before, Reading class students would be given an article to read. During the class, students would discuss the article focusing on speaking skills to practice English and share different points of view.

Summer Citizenship Class Description
The course book US Citizenship Test Study Guide 2023 will be used to learn and be able to answer Citizenship Test questions about the US Government, US History, and US Geography.


The class will be taught online using Zoom. You will need a PC, iPad, or tablet, Internet or WiFi connection, and your PC, iPad, or tablet will need to have a microphone and camera

Cost for Citizenship or Reading Class

The cost is $50 and we supply course materials.

Book used for Citizenship Class

US Citizenship Requirements

You must be able to speak, read, and understand English

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