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2022 Fall Saturday Class
2022 Fall Tuesday Class
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2023 Spring Tuesday Class

2023 Fall Saturday Class

2023 Fall Tuesday Class

Hi Chester, I have been learning a lot with the program, it has been of great help to me and my experience here in the United States. Emily and John are great teachers. I’m grateful to you, Juliana

Hello Chester! This term was great for me! When I started in September 2021 I had just arrived in the United States. Gabriela Guzman told me about the program in our ESL class here in Chattanooga. When I decided to email you it was challenging for me, and I remembered when you told us about how we could improve our English skills at the end of the term. Now I am here to tell you that it is true and I am more confident than before. Studying English is a process and these classes have helped me a lot. So like Gabriela, I also have let people know about the program because I know how it is helpful. Thank you, Chester, Kate, and all volunteers! Maria

Chester, hope everything goes well. I saw your article in the catholic newspaper paper and I’m impressed by all your wonderful job for the community and not only you but all the volunteers for this wonderful program. I really want to thank you all for your time and dedication to all of us.
Personally, I feel very blessed to be part of this program, because I have been learning a lot. I have been improving my vocabulary, and my grammar, and I feel more confident. In general, is been a great experience. Thank you and God bless you and keep you strong with this wonderful program and labor you do for the community. Lina Maria

Hello, Chester, I would like to make a short account of my experience with the program.  Moving to another country is always a difficult experience. New customs, new language.  When I arrived in the USA (in January), I only spoke a few words. I went to places and hid behind my husband, I was ashamed for not knowing how to speak. Now every day I have been a little more confident and independent and you are part of it. Emilly and John are excellent teachers and help me a lot. I appreciate it! Thank you,  Juliana

We really appreciate all of your hard work and effort in this program. Thank you! Hyunju

Hello. Dear teacher. I hope you are well and enjoying the summer.    I want to sincerely give thank all team of teachers who voluntarily and hardly help us with learning the English language.  “I’m very grateful”  and I said thanks, thanks! Every Saturday that I received the classes I enjoyed it fullest.   They are so interested and amazing.   The teachers work, an effort that each participant or student to learn the English language and express themselves spontaneously. The courses are excellent and I recommended them.  👍 Blessings.  Sincerely.  Teo Chacon.  

Dear Chester and Kathy!

 I’m sorry I haven’t checked in until now, but I’ve had a lot going on.  In the summer, we moved our daughters to New York and Chicago.  After that, I had to prepare for the citizenship exam, which my husband and I successfully did, and we are grateful to the ELL team for making it a success.  Now I’m preparing for an exhibition that opens on November 4th at the Emporium on Gay street.  I will send the invitation as soon as I receive it, otherwise, it is free.  In the meantime, I have 3 jobs and we have a lot of work in the sewing room.  In the upcoming weeks, I will also be very busy, so I will not be able to attend classes.
 Since I ordered the book, I will submit its price to Paris Hall, but if someone doesn’t have money for the book, please give it to them.
 Thank you very much for the help and kindness that the ELL team provided and helped me learn English.

Hello everyone I really recommend this English program to everybody let me tell you that all going to get fun and the most important to learn another language and don’t forget it’s also importance in this changing world. Jonathan

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